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New: Updated COVID-19 Booster Vaccine Now Recommended for Children and Adults

Search for "newly authorized bivalent" options for children or adults to find a location near you. If you do not find a convenient location, check back later or contact your health care provider or local health department. Learn more about COVID-19 booster recommendations.

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The first and most important step to protect yourself against flu viruses is to get a flu vaccine. You can get a flu vaccine at the same time as a COVID-19 vaccine. Find your flu vaccine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you could not assure yourselves that somebody walking into your facility is carrying a fraudulent card or a real card, so we go back to the facility that issues the card to be able to provide more information on the card’s correct format.

All vaccines vary from how many shots and time inbetween first and secondary dosage, check with manufacturer

After completing your vaccination series, yes a vaccination certificate is created in VAMS after a healthcare professional logs a COVID-19 vaccine dose for a recipient in VAMS and these records are stored with the health department. However the businesses you visit do not have access to the health department's database. Ultimately, having your record at the state health department does not convenience you unless you need to replace your original card (which you will not need to do once you have uploaded the card to